Francisco Marques - Sócio-Gerente

F.G.P. - Civil Engineering Ltd, based in Portimão, founded in 1996, is a company whose activity is developed in the context of providing civil engineering services, which encompasses a broad set of skills and services, with emphasis on the management of projects and coordination and supervision of works.

The company has guided its market position favoring customization and qualities of service delivery, to meet in full the requirements and expectations of customers.

To this end, FGP, constituted and maintained, since the first time, a team of senior staff, whose training at the technical level and to the values of the company, allows us to introduce in the market as a cohesive team with recognized professional standards.

In 2003 F.G.P. began implementation of a quality management system based on the NP EN ISO 9001: 2000 The processes culminated with the certification of FGP by TUV - Rheinland Portugal, Lda in March 2010, which is kept up to date under Supervision and Project Management / Construction Civil Construction, according to certificate No. 00108444.

In May 2010, F.G.P. was qualified by LNEC as General Manager of Quality, Quality Mark LNEC - General Quality Manager of Construction Projects in the following categories and classes:
- Buildings and Built Heritage (Class 5)
- Communication routes, Urbanization Works and Other Infrastructures (Class 5)
- Hydraulic Works ( Class 4)
missão da empresa

To take care of, systematically, any type or size of project from our clients as if it were our own, with a proactive, professional, constructive and transparent approach, allowing that the completion of the projects in which we are involved are processed within the best parameters of technical conception, of quality and of optimization of deadlines and costs, with a view to the success and prosperity of our clients.

valores da empresa

The values by which the activities for FGP are orientated are:

Constructive performance
Professional ethics

We consider that, taking in all these values, the necessary and sufficient conditions are created for the recognition of a reputable professional partner, which offers a leading contribution for the success of our clients’ investment projects.
visão da empresa

To be recognised in the marketplace as a reputable, ethical and professional company which bestows an added technical and economical value to all the projects in which it is involved which maximizes the profitability of the investments and offers our clients an excellent level of satisfaction.

política de qualidade

The FGP has as Quality Policy to ensure:

The provision of services that respond to the needs and expectations of the clients ensuring the obedience to the applicable legal and regulatory requirements and the realization of the projects / works in compliance with the following parameters:
• Within the contracted term;
• Within defined quality parameters;
• Ensuring greater cost optimization.

Improving the performance of FGP in order to improve its competitiveness vis-à-vis the competition

Creation, maintenance and deepening of the relationship with technical consultants of various engineering technical specialties, allowing the rendering of services and presentation to the clients of a team that is solid and cohesive.

For this purpose it intervenes in a combined and planned manner on the following factors:
• Regular analysis of their performance in processes and the impact on customers, namely their satisfaction and expectations, in order to trigger actions for continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, in view of the performance of the services provided.
• Adequate and continuous training of FGP employees in order to maintain and strengthen their competence to carry out their activities
• Raising awareness among all FGP employees about Quality to raise the consciousness of the importance of meeting the clients' requirements and ensuring their participation and involvement in processes of continuous improvement.