This service is provided and starts at an initial stage of a project / construction works, after the project`s drafting stage. With the development of this service provision, progressively referred to at the construction phase and respective contracting procedures, we aim to ensure our Customer an optimization approach of the quality / price ratio and, also, ensure the completion of the works in compliance with the quality, price and deadlines terms.

The main steps and activities of this service are:

1. Review / analysis of the implementation project
Overall verification of projects “Ready for implementation”, in order to ensure compatibility between plans and projects, under applicable legislation, enabling:
- An optimization of overall cost of the works, resulting from an efficient design of chosen technical solutions;
- Completion of the works, within the agreed price range, by eliminating additional expenses and costs caused by projects’ errors and omissions.

2. Contract management
- Price proposals consultancy and administrative / technical management procedures for tendering process, ensuring that the program of the works, the quality and the type of working operations for the project, are written down and reflected in drawings as integral parts of the procurement documentation, to avoid additional costs in the realization of the works caused by projects `errors and omissions;
- Analysis of price proposals, in compliance with the required technical provisions of the tender process, and elaboration of respective reports; - Customer support in negotiations with potential contractors;

3. Construction
The services to be performed, during the construction phase, are essentially the coordination of activities of the different intervening actors in the construction process (contractors, designers technical assistance and others) ,as well as, the control of the planning and execution of the works, quality control, quantity and cost control, conditions of safety, hygiene and health at work control and the control of environmental requirements, in order to ensure the execution of the works within the parameters desired and expected by the Customer and in compliance with all legal provisions;

The main steps and functions of this activity are as follows:

3.1 Preparation phase of the works

During the preparation and start-up phase of construction, the F.G.P. performs the following main activities:
- Studying and definition of the construction site;
- Analysis of methods and procedures for the construction process proposed by the contractors;
- Work tasks programs for the construction works contracts;
- Elaboration of the quality plan of the works and scheduling the main inspection and testing procedures;
- Defining the procedures and actions regarding monitoring and administrative supervision of the construction works contracts;
- Assignment of the construction works contracts;
- Submission of notification to the Authority for Working Conditions (ACT) regarding the construction site opening.

3.2 Construction Phase

During the construction phase itself, the main activities of monitoring and supervision that will be developed by F.G.P are:
- Supervision of the works, ensuring their compliance with technical specifications of the projects and with the applicable legislation;
- Monitoring and verification of the fulfillment of the work tasks programs of the construction contract jobs and of the supply chains;
- Verification of proper implementation of the works;
- Control of the Contractors’ consulting services and purchase/supply orders;
- Workshop production control concerning the quality and deadlines;
- Monitoring and administrative control of construction contract jobs / supply chains, including discussion and approval of invoices and the preparation of the respective accountings and analysis of the proposal on the excess/insufficiency of works and corresponding notifications;
- Eliciting expert opinions and advices on the constancy, eventual removal or replacement of technical personnel and managers of the contractors;
- Coordination of interceding process, concerning the works, of other entities related to the Construction Project (designers technical assistance, inspection by the competent official entities);
- Organization, monitoring and secretariat services for the periodic meetings with the different intervening participants in the construction process;
- Preparation of monthly reports on the progress of the works;
- Compilation and verification of all documentation, records and drawings;
- Testing the acceptance procedures of the building and of the installed equipment and systems;
- Settlement regarding contractors’ final accounts and payment;
- Provisional acceptance of the works and preparation of the respective certificates, including verification and monitoring of any corrections to be made by the contractors;
- Supervision and coordination of the elaboration of the final blueprint/ technical specification dossier of the project;
- Ensuring the presentation by the suppliers and contractors of all technical documentation, needed for installation, conduct and maintenance of all equipment, systems / special facilities, namely:
- Technical drawings and installation manuals;
- Operation and Maintenance Manuals;
- Technical drawings of final blueprints.