This service is provided and starts at an initial stage of a project / construction works, after the project`s drafting stage. With the development of this service provision, progressively referred to at the construction phase and respective contracting procedures, we aim to ensure our Customer an optimization approach of the quality / price ratio and, also, ensure the completion of the works in compliance with the quality, price and deadlines terms.

The main steps and activities of this service are:

1. Review and analysis of the implementation project

Overall verification of projects “Ready for implementation”, in order to ensure compatibility between plans and projects, under applicable legislation, enabling:

2. Construction

The services to be performed, during the construction phase, are essentially the coordination of activities of the different intervening actors in the construction process (contractors, designers technical assistance and others) ,as well as, the control of the planning and execution of the works, quality control, quantity and cost control, conditions of safety, hygiene and health at work control and the control of environmental requirements, in order to ensure the execution of the works within the parameters desired and expected by the Customer and in compliance with all legal provisions;

supervision of works

The main steps and functions of this activity are as follows:

2.1 Preparation phase of the works

During the preparation and start-up phase of construction, the F.G.P. performs the following main activities:

2.2 Construction Phase

During the construction phase itself, the main activities of monitoring and supervision that will be developed by F.G.P are:

Ensuring the presentation by the suppliers and contractors of all technical documentation, needed for installation, conduct and maintenance of all equipment, systems / special facilities, namely:

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