The provision of services regarding the Integrated Project Management is developed starting from the idea / investment program of our Customer until its conclusion; licensing and final delivery of the Project.

This service allows our Customer to develop a Project with cost optimization and maximizing the resources efficiency, constituting F.G.P. the interceding agent, bearing responsibility before the Customer, for meeting the quality, cost and time/deadline goals, set for the accomplishment of the Project.

The main steps and functions to be implemented within this activity are as follows:

Project Program

This stage involves the following actions to be performed:
- Market research and feasibility study;
- Compilation and editing of the elements of our Customer`s program defining, namely,:
- Scope of the construction works;
- General characteristics of the construction works;
- Data on the construction site location;
-Topographical, mapping, geotechnical elements; surveys on the existing buildings and networks of local infrastructure; vegetation and landscape, environmental and other characteristics;
- Basic data on the requirements of behavior, functioning, operation and maintenance of the construction works, taking into account the regulations;
- Cost estimation;
- A general indication of deadlines for the project design and execution of the construction works;
- Compilation and / or setting of Quality Goals;
- Compilation and / or setting of Time Goals;
- Compilation and / or setting of Cost Goals;
- Creation of a “Project Procedures Manual”, which lists and defines, in a systematic approach, all the aspects of the previous paragraphs, that are relevant to the conduct of the Project, constituting a reference document capable of ensuring the consistency of operation of all interceding participants in the implementation and completion of the Construction Project as a whole.

1. Projects

The F.G.P. is responsible for the preparation, coordination, compatibility and combination of plans and projects required for the fulfillment and completion of the Construction Project program, validating them as “Ready for Implementation”;

2. Contract Management

The main services, in this context, that the F.G.P. should provide are:
- Drafting and preparation, for approval from the part of the Customer:

- Of programs and terms of invitation to tender / tender specification dossier, that are fundamental for the procedures of Construction Project contracts drafting / acquisition of service supplies;
- Of agreement drafts, for contractor companies / services providers to be contracted by the Customer, for the purpose of realization of the Construction Project, and the subsequent selection of contractors and suppliers;
- Assessment of proposals received by the Customer, all relating to the works to be executed and to the materials or services to be purchased or hired by the Customer, for the purpose of realization of the Construction Project;
- Recommendations and counseling regarding proposals selection, as well as, technical, commercial and legal support, when drafting the contracts for the execution of works and for the materials or services to be bought or hired.

3. Construction

The main services, in this context, that the F.G.P. should provide are those corresponding to the coordination and supervision of contractors` work contracts; planning and quality control of the works; quantity and cost control; safety and health at work control and environmental requirements management, in order to ensure the execution of the Construction Project within the quality, price and time parameters, predetermined and expected by the Customer and in compliance with all legal provisions.

4. Project delivery

The main services, in this context, that the F.G.P. should provide are:
- The delivery of the completed works of the Construction Project to the Customer and submission to the competent Public Entities, inclusively, carrying out inspections, measurements, and testing of all equipment and systems installed, making a lists of “anomalies” and coordinate their resolution with the contractors, prior to the provisional acceptance certificate and to the final acceptance certificate issuance;
- Customer support and guidance regarding the licensing of the Construction Project and of the special facilities at the competent Entities, with a view to obtaining the use / occupancy permits.